new bond/income funds

i havent kept up with current mutual fund screeners, which sometimes dont work
on tablets anyway, so was reduced to checking out a list of fidelity funds with
max yields. a high yield protects you from a bond bubble burst, if the share
price has a nonvolatile multiyear history i think. i was so surprised that every
top one in its category was closed to new investors... just like the glory days
of high power mutual fund returns.
they were all newly refined companion funds to familiar ones still very
successful across decades. like a new swizzle on emerging market debt, real
estate income, or global high yield. these new versions are also showing up as
etfs and probably in other mutual families. just a heads up for those who,
like me, may want to reposition... or critique. i realize dividend funds may
suffer soon from a tax attack, but they seem mighty popular now.
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