Stock Screeners sabotoged

Arrgghh, I can't believe a major stock brokerage has been giving me mangled stock screen results. In such a target rich environment, you need something to sift thru the chaff. Have you ever looked closely at what passes the screen and whether some are totally illogical? More importantly that likely means good stuff is failing to come thru the screen... a nightmare for someone who has switched from professional fund or etf managers to self direction.
Is anyone happy with their free or paid screener? I have a problem where the peg ratio is being sorted in the wrong order, even tho they acknowledge lower is better. Mmore importantly the accept/reject filter is backwards and whacky too. Ask for the lowest 80% of pegs and you get ones in the 99% high. Ask for the highest 80% and it just gives you low or even minus ones. Ask for a specific range and it works but in backwards order. Actually kind of random or else I could just request it in reverse.
The lost opportunity is staggering, but time to move on. I wish I could write a simple macro program that would filter based on simple criteria of my own choosing and sort as I wish. Instead they tend to offer endless stupid gimmicky criteria, and on top of that mangle it. Beware...
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