Successes in Financial Planning for the Low Income

I think the following is interesting for anyone who does any kind of support for folks struggling out of low income circumstances:
A new program, the Family Independence Initiative (FII), "brought
together 25 families in three cohorts ? eight African American
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This world is full of people who "do not have enough time". (A euphemism for many ills of personal mis-management.) So, the world is filled with people who do not have enough attention to spare, or simply do not care. (I'm looking for an excuse to say the U.S. society is like a child with too many toys, constantly demanding more, hoping more will relieve his displeasure. The child doesn't realize no one taught him how to play with his toys, that he has to put his own native creativity into his play, and make his own fun. If he knew that, he'd be delighted with just one or two. Heck, I used to be delighted with a flattened bottle cap and two feet of string - I made my own toy. Then I grew up and moved up to tops! Loved 'em! Then I grew up and got this fabulous toy called mathematics! Then I grew up and found this amazing toy called philosophy! Then I grew up and found this mind-blowing toy called love! That's the best one.)
IMO the U.S. society suffers from a lack of realistically attainable, fundamentally worthwhile, personal goals. Maybe it's not as easy as it may look, to find them. They're there, though!
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