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Retirement spending and happiness
Fidelity at says, "Our rule of thumb is that most people can expect to spend about 85% of their after-tax working income in retirement." The Bogleheads article "Surveys of retirement spending" is at...
6 years ago
UTG, Closed End Funds, and Leverage
Over the last several months from time to time I have read of certain income oriented investors buying some of the "utilities fund" UTG. I looked at its stats and rolled my eyes. It seemed like the...
6 years ago 4
margin account and association with Form 1099-DIV
Have a has a margin account with Investit Investment Company. The stocks and bonds in the account earned dividends and interest of $10,000 in 20X9. The $10,000 was paid directly to the margin account...
6 years ago 2
Want to lease mineral rights to an oil company
I own mineral rights in SW OK and want to find oil companies interested in them. How do I do this. First, read up on the laws that apply Advertise your rights for sale/lease, or request a quote/offer
6 years ago 1
Irrevocable Trust for "Small" Estate?
A friend has about $1.6 million in assets. He is about 61-years-old. After his death and his wife's death, the friend has two nephews (both adults in their 20s and 30s) to whom he wants to leave the...
6 years ago 7
can you roll over the non-invested portion into a new 401k
can you roll over the non-invested portion of your 401k to your new 401k
6 years ago
buying family home with no down payment.
she has bought me a mobile home which I pay all the costs and have a "life estate". This has cost her excellent credit to be over the limit for her to refinance. If I could buy her home, she could...
6 years ago
Why is there a point to munis?
Why is there any point to munis? By that I mean, why aren't yields driven down to be equal to the after-tax yields of taxable bonds of similar maturities and credit quality? Obviously they are driven...
6 years ago 4
Media coverage of mutual fund holdings as a driver of flows
According to this new paper, people invest in funds whose profitable holdings have been mentioned in the media. This does not help them choose funds that will perform well in the future. Winners in...
6 years ago
Quciken versions
I cannot make heads nor tails of exactly what each version of Quicken does and does not do. The "Premier" (investment) version "keeps track of basis and capital gains". Does not the basic version do...
6 years ago 1
Any one read Nassim Nicholas Taleb's (the Black Swan guy) recent book "Antifagile" Any one want to comment on his premise that regulators who try to "stiffle" Black Swans" are not only doomed to...
6 years ago 1
Proven: best to increase stock allocation into retirement
The following Morningstar article reverses the usual rule of owning a percentage of bonds equaling your age The professor seems to be saying that you benefit by avoiding early setbacks that could...
6 years ago 5
The Seven-Figure Portfolio Fee
Wall Street Journal recently published, in their magazine, an article titled "The Seven-Figure Portfolio Fee". Here's a link to it: The subtitle is "The cost of managing finances is coming down for...
6 years ago 2
Incredible Shrinking Management Fee
Two companies mentioned in the article are WiseBanyan Wealthfront Incredible Shrinking Management Fee by Jason Zweig Wall Street Journal Mar 7, 2014 Professional portfolio management has long cost too...
6 years ago 2
How much property tax can be paid in advance?
In my writing about timing one's deductions to itemize in alternate years, I've suggested pulling in the tax payments from the next calendar year, e.g. the '15 Q1 and Q2 payment into 2014. As a cash...
6 years ago