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about TIPS
For the TIPS rates at ,does that include the fixed and CPI portionsof the interest rates? There's an auction for 10-year TIPS in a few days I was wondering if I should buy some for the portion of my p...
10 years ago 3
Health of Plan Admins
Since many banks and investment firms are mostly on the verge of collapse, how deep in this muck, and therefore as leveraged and illiquid, are plan administrators, such as Vanguard, Fidelity, Oppenhei...
10 years ago 1
Treasury Guarantee Program (for money market funds)
Can anyone confirm the current status of this program? According to this morning's Dallas Morning News, it has been cancelled. Apparently, it was never used. -- Doug
10 years ago 1
12b1 Fee
Please help settle a debate. When looking at American Fund's Washington Mutual (AWSHX), they show a "total expense ratio" of .58% and a 12b1 fee of .24%. Is the 12b1 IN ADDITION TO the .58%, or part o...
10 years ago 2
Taxes in Retirement
As I near retirement age, I keep getting postcards from various local insurance companies inviting me to attend "free" retirement seminars where I can learn how to "avoid taxes on social security bene...
10 years ago 18
Why are tax exempt munis paying so much ??
Andy asks: I have noticed that many tax exempt munis and tax exempt school bonds are paying 4.5 to 5 %..... Lots of them... All AA and AAA rated, many insured. Since CDs are only paying 3 to 3.5%, top...
10 years ago 8
Financial Planner question
Can someone tell me if Financial planners are regulated. I would also like to know if they have to be licensed or so. Kevin writes: Kinda not really. Anyone may call himself a "financial planner" -- i...
10 years ago 4
Undo a Rollover
When I changed jobs a couple of years ago, I rolled over my 401k to the new company because it had better choices. However, with the market slump, those choices are not that interesting anymore, so I'...
10 years ago 7
Life Insurance question
My wife will retire soon. She can take her pension in several ways depending on if the term is for her life only, her life with a minimum number of years, her life and then 50% to me as a survivor. or...
10 years ago 5
proxy voting help!
i searched and didn't find much here on the topic, so i'm posting. i own 3 index funds through vangaurd. for the first time that i recall in 9 years they are asking me to proxy vote. they seem very en...
10 years ago 10
Annual Return numbers PIMCO not making sense
Hi, I've been looking into moving some dollars into Pimco Total Return Admin ( mutual fund) via my 401K with Wells Fargo. The Wells Fargo website has good numbers for PIMCO Admin : 6 percent or so, pe...
10 years ago 5
Finding an investment tax accountant
I need to find a tax accountant who is highly skilled in investment tax issues. Are there any tools or techniques anyone can recommend to help me find a CPA with the skill I need? Thanks. Try asking o...
10 years ago 1
Reduce Health Costs By Vigilance for Overuse?
This article compares McAllen, Texas, the city with one of the highest Medicare costs per capita in the country, at nearly twice the national average, with cities with Medicare costs less than the nat...
10 years ago 2
TARP Repayments Stir Debate: Is Financial Crisis Finally Over?
TARP Repayments Stir Debate: Is Financial Crisis Finally Over? for details visit: It's not over until it's over. There is more wisdom in those words than most people realize. Just like a recession, yo...
10 years ago 6
Corporation investing in mutual funds?
I have a "one man corporation" that is organized as an S-Corp. I have some surplus of funds, due to not having that many expenses. Among other possibilities, such as paying myself more or buying more ...
10 years ago 9