peachtree! bulk deleting of Chart of account!

Dear All,
Kindly help in this regard, I import more than 300 unwanted Chart of accounts mistakenly, any way to delete it in one step. If we use the traditional method from peachtree by deleting one by one.
If it possible import the needed CoA, and the older one will replaced by the new Chart of A/cts imported last.
Also I want to know when I import anything to peachtree, will it replaced the older one with the new one or append with the older ones.
Please help in this regard, Thanking you alex
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You can not delete them in bulk, but you can mark them inactive. You can export the current COA and change the Inactive column to TRUE for the unwanted accounts. Do NOT change the account ID's. Peachtree appends any new ID's to the current COA.
After reimporting the COA (make a backup first!), you could then purge just the inactive accounts.
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Diane Koers

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