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I am new to Peachtree and am trying to setup taxable and non taxable benefits. The only way that I can get a paycheck to add the taxable or non taxable benefit to the gross income to be calculated for Income tax is by creating the benefit as a memo field in the default EmployEE fields. The problem is that this transaction does not show up in the General Ledger. I have tried to do this by creating a Field with a GL account in the default EmployEE section but then it adds the benefit to the employee's paycheck. How do I get the benefit to be added to the Gross for calculation of Income tax but not actually have the benefit added to the employee's pay and still have it go to the GL account for payment to the benefit provider ie. Dental benefits?
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In the UK Sage (Peachtree inj the US) have a specific product called P11D for doing all your taxible benefits and returns, I would have a chat with your local supplier and see what they suggest, it's just a cheap product but could save you a lot of time and effort doing the calculations yourself.
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Are you talking about a 401K or Cafeteria plan type benefit? If so, in the Maintain>Default Information>EmployEEs tab. Click the Federal Income tax field and then click the Adjust button. In the Use column, click the checkbox next to K401 or whatever you called the benefit plan. You also should have the Gross checked. You'll need to do that for each tax that is exempt from the benefit.
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