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Strange views in Portfolio
I have a custom view in Portfolios with, among other columns, cost basis, market value, gain/loss %. When I expand any entry to the lot level, not all securities present the numbers for these columns...
14 years ago 1
Q2005 - Webconnect not working
I've been using Q2005 for about 6 months and have several credit card accounts for which I routinely download account activity. Today, none of the updates are working. I connect to the credit card w...
14 years ago 4
Funds that are sold to another company
I have a how-to question. My Safeco fund was sold to Pioneer Investment Company last year. As a result, a tax-free reorganization occurred. My question is: How do I record this in Quicken 2005 and sti...
14 years ago 2
One Step Update not working Q2005
When i select 1 step update to download transactions it opens for about half second then closes without doing anything. Any suggestions? I havent changed any settings.
14 years ago 1
what credit cards works with Quicken
I use Amercan Express Credit card which works great with Quicken - I usually pick up the downloaded expenses every few days. I am looking for a visa card that has this feature or even a master c...
14 years ago 4
Quicken 2005 - How to Do Online Transfers?
I'm trying to do an online transfer between accounts at the same bank and I don't seem to have that option in the register or the Online Center. I can use an XFR transaction and that moves the money ...
14 years ago 13
Import/Export or Copy Check Template
Hi! I am helping out a local Meals on Wheels program that uses PeachTree Complete 2003. We added a new computer for the bookkeeper and found out that someone had designed a custom template for their...
14 years ago 1