Min. Order and MPQ not working (or am I just not understanding?)

Hello everybody,
I am just curious as to the use of the Min. Order and MPQ fields on the supplier tab. I know what they are supposed to do but they seem to not do much at this point....
When my company creates purchase orders, we use the "Create a new blank order for manual entry" option as we have not yet established Reorder Points or Restock Levels. We have found this option to best suit our needs.
Anyway, when entering items, it entirely ignores the min. order and only uses the MPQ when doing a "Quick Scan". I was hoping that the quantity would default to the minimum order and then only allow you to input quantities in multiples of the MPQ. Is this not an option? Any ideas?
-- Alex Nielsen
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The min order and MPQ settings are bypassed whenever you choose the "Create a new blank order for manual entry" option. As the term suggest, you will create a PO for manual entry (of quantity, price sometimes, etc...)
If you want to utilize the min order and MPQ, you need to set them on the properties of the item....and then choose "Generate based on reorder information" when creating a PO.
Example: 1) An item with the following: Onhand, restock , reorder=8, supplier ABC with min order=3 and mpq=7. 2) Generate a PO using "Generate based on reorder information" 3) A PO will be created for the item with quantity = 14pcs. 4) Note: if there are no mpq and min order settings, the PO quantity will be 8pcs instead.
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