Need query to apply schedule to a category

I have created a sale schedule from 6pm-9pm Wed, Thr & Fri - named it
In RMS you must open each item - go to properties box - pricing tab - select
schedule button & then the schedule name -- item by item.
I want to apply this "sale schedule" to a CATEGORY using a query and a query
to remove the sale schedule from the same category after the sale is over.
My "NightSale" is schedule ID 9 - if that helps.
This week - apply "NightSale" schedule to all items in Category 1 & Category 2
End of week - remove "NightSale" schdule from category 1 & category 2
Next week - apply "Night Sale" schedule to all items in Category 3 &
Category 4
End of week - remove "NightSale" schdule from Category 3 & Category 4
Appreciate you help with this.
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Kathryn WOJ
Hi Kathryn - I gather the schedule gets tracked in the salescheduleid field of the item table; backup your database once you're done creating your schedules, then run these select queries first.
select * from schedule (confirm and jot down the id assigned to the schedule you want to assign) select * from category (confirm and jot down the id assigned to the categories you want to affect)
lets say your schedule id is 9 and your category id's are 3 and 4, run a test select query first select * from item where salescheduleid = 9 and categoryid in (3, 4) (this will show you all the items that match your criteria; if all the items you see on the result should be affected by the schedule, you're ready for your update query) REMEMBER TO BACKUP FIRST
your update query is update item set salescheduleid = 9 where categoryid in (3, 4)
to remove the schedule run update item set salescheduleid = 0 where categoryid in (3, 4)
If on the select query you find items that SHOULDN'T have the schedule assigned then you need a "where" constraint on your query (or if its just a few items that shouldn't get changed you can jot down the itemlookupcode and manually remove the schedule from these items after the update query)
Hopefully the inventory wizard in version 3 will include the ability to assign schedule discounts, item messages, qty discount schedules (like mix and match) to items in inventory.
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Convoluted, Great Help! It ran successfully and affected all the appropriate records. Exactly what I needed. Thanks
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Kathryn WOJ

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