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RMS currently has no this feature, however if you have crystal report then you have 2 free online tools available for this one is crystal passage and other one is crystal delivery. These are free.
The other thing which you can use the message feature where you can alert in RMS whenever the report is due, it is just alternative.
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Akber Alwani
One of the most expensive options, but one of the best if you have numerous locations or reporting needs not covered within RMS, would be to build an Analytical database. Using this you can schedule distro of any report you create. Dually, you will have the function to create stronger reporting with pivot tables and added info that RMS will not retain or give you (can we say historical inventory and sell thru reporting). Additionally, when managing several installations, you can add details like royalty reporting based on %ages or store build out costs, etc.
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I use the osql command line utility to write query results to a text file, then mail it to myself using the command line mailer called Blat.
Search the group for osql and blat and you will find some previous posts about how to do this.
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