Last PST payment shows as input tax credit

Hi There
I am having a problem with Quickbooks showing the last cheque I
wrote for my PST return for the last half of last year as an input
credit against my balance owing for my PST return for the first half
of this year. I can't remember ever having this problem before so I
think it may be related to my upgrading from Quickbooks 2002 to
Quickbooks 2006 pro as it was never a problem until the upgrade but it
could also be just me doing something dumb. Any ideas why this is
happening - paying my last years PST shouldn't be crediting my this
years return. I can calculate my return correctly but I want it
tracked correctly in quickbooks. I have always used the pay tax
buttons for PST and GST so that it was all automatic. Any help would
be much appreciated
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Chris Wilson

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