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Fight the coronavirus 100% and save LOTS of CASH -- Combattez le coronavirus 100% et économisez BEAUCOUP d'ARGENT
Protect yourself and your loved ones ! KILL the coronavirus right now ! And save LOTS OF CASH New tested, scientificly proven and amazing antivirus against coronavirus using Chloroquine and Colch...
19 hours ago
Seeking work-around for stock option problems
I have Quicken Premier subscription, all software up to date. I have two related problems with accounting for employee stock options. In real life, my options have grant date and first-vest-date t...
1 year ago
Lets us know if you are facing any problem on printing check online using quickbook?
Hello, We would like to make software solution for QuickBooks. Please let us know if you are facing any problem when printing checks using QuickBooks or making deposit slip using quickbook. If you ...
2 years ago
Curious to know how do you print your checks?
Do you print checks online or use pre printed checks or order through bank?
2 years ago
q-box alternative?
Hi All, Anyone have a favorite alternative to Q-Box? Many thanks, -T
2 years ago
Renew Payroll Subscription In Quickbooks
asked by Quickbooks to upgrade my software from Quickbooks pro 2014 To Quickbooks 2017 saying I won?t be able to use my Payroll after May 31, 2017 as payroll will not be applicable on 2014 Application...
2 years ago 1
I need a software of Quickbooks Premier Multi User Accounting 2005/06
Problem is that after i've backup the data from this software, i have formatted this PC that has this application, now im having a problem to retrieve this data, i tried to restore it in QuickBooks...
3 years ago
How to run QB-2010 on Windows-10
Someone recently complained about this problem: ................ Upgraded to windows 10 now I can't open quickbooks 2011 I keep getting "Quickbooks has stopped working/ a problem caused the progra...
3 years ago
Tracking received 1099 as CUSTOMER?
Hi All, I'm everyone, I am new to QB. I am hoping to track the 1099s I receive as a freelancer, W2 I receive from an employer, and W2G for poker winnings. Should these organization be "Customers"...
4 years ago
Apply Partial Payments to Proper Tax Year
So, I'm generating my profit/loss report so I can file my income tax return, and notice I have two problematic invoices in my "Income" list: one invoice was partially paid and remains open, as it's a ...
4 years ago 2
Annoyance: The online session was cancelled at your request
I have the latest version of Quicken Premier and I use one-step update almost every day, for multiple accounts. More than half of the time, one or two accounts fails to update, and Quicken tells me ...
4 years ago 1
New Quickbooks Pricing Insane?
Am I the only one who finds the new Quickbooks pricing totally f'ng insane? They want $2800 PER YEAR for enterprise 5 user and $2500 PER YEAR for the Premier product 5 user? I never thought I woul...
4 years ago 3
Credit Processing
I recorded a credit memo for an item returned from a customer which had been payed for on a closed invoice. I applied the credit to a later invoice, where it showed properly. I have since rece...
4 years ago
USD to CAD translation entry
I have all my sales & all purchases as well as all A/R & A/P transactions in USD and Bank accounts maintain for it is also in USD. At the end of the year, I have to translate these values in CAD. Wh...
5 years ago 1
No Depreciation Expense?
I ran a P&L by job and a straight P&L and the depreciation expense does not show up. Why is that? Any ideas what I might be doing to keep that off the statements?
5 years ago 1