How to run QB-2010 on Windows-10

Someone recently complained about this problem:
Upgraded to windows 10 now I can't open quickbooks 2011 I keep getting
"Quickbooks has stopped working/ a problem caused the program to stop
working correctly / windows will close the program and notify is a
solution is available
Here is how I make QB-2010-pro run on Windows-10.
Unplug your internet connection, (really!)
Start QB-2010 (or 2011?)
Do your QB work,
Close QB,
Plug internet back in.
Strange but works
After disconnecting internet from my W-10 computer, and starting QB-2010
successfully, I can then re-connect the internet cable and QB-2010
continues to operate. Not sure how long it will run but maybe a long time.
Rather than having to pull the network cable each time I want to use
QB-2010, I have downloaded "Internet Off" freeware from
formatting link
and installed it. The download is called "internetoffsetup_3-0-1.exe"
The off/on toggle is installed in the system tray at the bottom of my
W-10 screen where hidden icons live.
Now to use QB-2010 I just click the tray icon "Internet off" and click
off. At this point I see a red X in the W-10 internet access icon.
Then I start QB-2010 then go back to the internet-off toggle and turn
internet back on.
Now I use QB-2010 on W-10 as I wish and I've saved $180 more or less for
not buying QB-2017 (at least until some other issue pops up.
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