Seeking work-around for stock option problems

I have Quicken Premier subscription, all software up to date.
I have two related problems with accounting for employee stock options.
In real life, my options have grant date and first-vest-date that are oddly out of sync. Grant date is August 15 2017, but first vest date is less than a year later on July 31. Problem number 1: Quicken insists on setting the first vest date to August 15. Quicken will not permit me to edit dates. This is a bug, and is problem number one.
On July 31, I vested N shares in real life. However, Quicken insists on setting the number of vested shares to N-1. Quicken will not permit me to edit this number. This is not *quite* a bug, rather it is a feature that I want but cannot have. Quicken's arithmetic is not really wrong, but rather my employer has generously rounded up the number of shares by a fraction of 1. This is problem number two.
Since problem number two is not a bug that I can whine about to Quicken, I don't have much hope for a fix. I am looking for work-arounds. My current thought is to delete all record of option grants from Quicken, and enter future vesting events as ordinary purchase events in a new "phantom" brokerage account in Quicken. Is there a better way?
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David Arnstein

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