Problems entering employee stock options

I have Quicken Premier Windows subscription, all software up-to-date.
I have two problems accounting for an employee stock option in Quicken.
My grant date and my date of first vesting are oddly out of sync in real life. The grant date is August 15 of last year, and the first vesting date is July 31 of this year. Quicken insists on setting the first vesting date to August 15, though I specified July 31. I cannot change this date in Quicken. This is a bug. This is problem number one.
In real life, I have been vested N shares on July 31. Quicken computes my vested shares as N-1. I cannot change this number in Quicken. This is not really a bug. Quicken did a rounding computation for a fractional number of shares, and my employer rounded differently. This is problem number two.
Since problem number two is not a bug, I don't have much hope that I will get a complete solution from Quicken. I am looking for work-arounds.
I am planning on creating a phantom brokerage account and recording ordinary share sales in that account, with dates in the future. This work-around replaces vesting transactions with sale transactions. Clearly this is not ideal. Is there a better work-around?
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David Arnstein
On 2018-08-06 23:33:13 +0000, David Arnstein said:
Regarding the first issue, I suggest you reduce the number of months specified from the Grant Date until you are fully vested by one. In other words, if your Grant date was 8/15/2017 and your last vesting date is 7/31/2022, then you should specify 59 months (not 60).
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On 2018-08-07 00:33:02 +0000, Sherlock said:
Regarding the second issue, you may want to consider exagerating the shares in the grant to produce the desired round up. Note: Just because a share has vested doesn't mean you must exercise the share profitably.
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