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basic queries-- Q 2019 Deluxe
CONFUSED about the 1-yr. membership. Am I correct that if I install it say April 20, that my membership lasts until 4/20/21? Will I always have the latest version via their upgrades. Also, can I i...
6 hours ago 2
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17 hours ago
My membership has expired???
Thanks in advance... Bob
1 day ago 1
Quicken category question 401k withholding
Anyone have any good ideas which 'tax line reporting' I should use for taxes withheld on a 401k withdrawal for both Federal and State? I don't see an explicit item; closest is 1099-R:IRA (federal...
1 week ago 2
Quicken 2020 R25.21 Release Notes
Mar 2020 Fixed: An issue in which users were incorrectly being prompted to upgrade to use the bill payment option. This occurred on both the One Step Update settings screen and on the Bills & Incom...
1 week ago
Accounts switching to online reconciliation
This is driving me mad. For the third time in the recent past, my Well-Fargo account is set to "use online balance". and I *keep* setting it back to "paper balance" and that, of course, doesn't ge...
1 week ago 6
Proceeds from Stock Sale do not show up in cash-flow report
I get confused with the difference between Cash-Flow and Income-Expense reports but when I sell a stock I expect to see the proceeds on the Income or Inflows portion of the report. I do see the realiz...
3 weeks ago 2
Current Release?
I have Quicken Premier installed on 2 PCs. On one I was just prompted to update to version 25.18. On the other I never got the prompt so I clicked Help->Check for Updates. It says I am at the curr...
3 weeks ago 2
QW 2017 replacement
support nor any cloud storage or other off-site data retention. I currently have Q2017 installed on 2 Win 10 computers -- one at home and one on a lappy I use when away from home. I don't use an...
3 weeks ago 3
Quicken 2020 R25.18 Release Notes
Mar 2020 Fixed: An issue in which bill payment reminders were being skipped. Fixed: An issue that resulted in payment accounts no longer working when a user signed out and then signed in again wi...
3 weeks ago
quicken 2020 can't get internet access
This just started happening when I tried to do onestep update yesterday. The message is that the online service is unavailable and I should try in ten minutes. I did this multiple times yesterday an...
3 weeks ago 1
Intuit's *Turbo* vs. *TurboTax* vs. Quicken Inc's *Quicken* - yikes!
Hmmmm...just noticed a new product (Although i see it's been around for a year+, I just didn't notice it before) from Intuit called 'Turbo', they claim it is a holistic financial manager, and will...
1 month ago 9
Quicken 2020 R25.10 Release Notes
[Looks like a bit more than maintenance fixes this time.] Quicken 2020 R25.10 Release Notes Feb 2020 Reminder: In our last release, we added a preference to automate lot assignment when accept...
1 month ago 19
Re: Quicken and ODBC?
It would be incredibly useful to me!
1 month ago 2
Q2016 cannot open if connected to the internet becasue it says it cannot connect to the internet!
This is a new problem. I have to disable the network connection in order to open quicken 2016, other wise it says it cannot open because it cannot connect to the internet. I have found only a ...
1 month ago 27