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Community Discussion: TD Bank bill pay FUTURE items are not downloading into Quicken (R26.23)
Found at: original poster in that discussion has said they are using Express Web Connect for the Quicken Connection Method for the TD Bank account. In order to get unpaid (future) scheduled...
2 months ago
Memorized transactions not entering CATEGORY/TAG/AMOUNT when using?
Interesting this just happened starting today without any Q pgm updates made. In most of my memorized transactions, I have the category and/or tag info saved so when starting to type just the PAYEE...
2 months ago 3
Itemized Categories Report
My itemized categories reports have stopped working properly. All they are showing is the category and amount. The transaction detail shows only amount. There is no date or payee. I assume this was...
2 months ago 3
Community discussion: I am developing a program to import TSP transactions into Quicken
[Someone else is] developing a program to import TSP transactions into Quicken on the contents of the TSP .csv file, no new "program" may be necessary. There is already a free Excel add-in that will...
2 months ago 1
Community Discussion: Cannot change tenant due date
Found at: problem noted in that discussion has been present since the first day that rental property features were added to Quicken. The problem is a flaw in the design/maintenance of Quicken created...
2 months ago
Quicken 2020 R26.23 Release Notes
Quicken 2020 R26.23 Release Notes May 2020 Fixed: Issues involving occasional crashes during sync or when closing the program. Fixed: Issue with Wells Fargo that prevented persistent connections....
3 months ago
Home loan now has ballon payment aftr update to 2020
So I bought/installed Q2020 deluxe as my 2017 was going out of service I loaded my 2017 Q data file after copying and doing a validate on it in Q2017 before it was "forced uninstall". I have a single...
3 months ago 7
IRS not processing paper returns
The IRS is not processing paper tax returns and advises taxpayers to use electronic filing. mailed in my tax returns on or about March 2. I already got my refund check from the state of California....
3 months ago 2
[Using Qkn Premier 2020 R26.21 Build on Windows 10 Pro] How do I whack BugSplat for Quicken? Have read (Google) general instructions on BugSplat removal by altering the register directly,...
3 months ago 4
discover auto recolcines with every download
I'm still having trouble with my discover account. I've checked the account settings and "use online balance for reconcile" is *NOT* checked, but the damn account still comes up with "online...
3 months ago 7
Strange Thungs
For no apparent reason, often recently Q has rejected ny entry for the account passwords for the one step update. Sometimes I have to close the program and load it again. Once is usually enough. I'm...
3 months ago
Quicken 2020 R26.21 Release Notes
May 2020 Fixed: An issue in which syncing an invoice account changed the account type from AR to Property & Debt. Fixed: An issue in which crashes were caused by reopening of the data file after...
3 months ago
Please Read Carefully Before Contacting Me As part of the ongoing stimulus package being distributed by the US Government, some corporations have joined to support the government with some giveaway of...
3 months ago 1
Quicken notice
In my earlier post I mentioned a strange covid-19 announcement that quicken popped up. At the time I didn't remember what it is, but it popped up again this morning:...
3 months ago 1
Quicken 2020 R26.17 Release Notes
Lots of bug fixes this month... April 2020 Fixed: Few issues related to crashes. Fixed: A few internal bug fixes and improvements.
3 months ago