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When I invoke "Find", it always starts with "Check Number". Is there a way to change that? I'd settle for "Any Field". Thanks.
3 months ago 3
Quicken 2019 R22.17 Release Notes
Oct 2019 Fixed: An issue which was causing subscription expiration notices to appear when there was a problem connecting to the subscription service. Fixed: An issue in which expired services mess...
4 months ago
Some transactions are not acted on
I "write" checks for several bills using Quicken Starter. All have "Send" as the "Check #". I do a one step update and get an error message. OL-301-A. When I look at my check register, I see tha...
4 months ago 7
Reload of earlier Quicken files
I just performed a download from my bank and natched the list with our recorded and entered transactions - and everything matched no wierd things. Clicking DONE, the summary showed I was out o...
4 months ago 2
Quicken 2019 R22.12 Release Notes
Quicken 2019 R22.12 Release Notes Sep 2019 New: Created Q cards tour to guide new and existing users through the use of Quicken's primary features. To take the tour click View Tour on the right cor...
4 months ago
Unable to download transactions from Costco Citi credit card
for the last 3 weeks I have been unable to download transactions from my Costco Citi Credit Card. When I try to download transactions, I get an error - code is OL-301-A Anyone else have this proble...
5 months ago 5
SallieMae Bank Update
Last week sometime, SallieMae Bank shut down for maintenance and upgrade. It has been a disaster for me, I can no longer log in w (Quicken 19 r21.17). As part of new "security" they made each...
5 months ago 8
Withholding Federal 401K tax in Tax Report?
Just took some money out of a 401K (my first time). I had the FI withhold some portion of it for Federal taxes owed. The FI downloaded the sale as gross, so I am trying to indicate to Quicken tha...
5 months ago 13
How Get six digit Needed to get to Customer Support
When I call Quicken at 650-250-1800 in order to talk to a tech support person, the recording to look for an email for a 6 digit number. I never get the email. How do I contact support without the...
5 months ago 2
Chase credit card broken
in Q 12019 . I just got an update this morning [to rv 21.16] and it has broken the transaction download for my Chase credit card. Chase says it is a quicken problem. Any idea what it is? OSU s...
5 months ago 1
Problems downloading Discover Card transactions.
Anyone else having trouble downloading transactions from Discover Card? OL-294-A error code the past two days. Official forum has an entry saying contact Discover directly. Steve
6 months ago 3
Quicken 2019 R21.16 Release Notes
Aug 2019 Fixed: An issue in which the One Step Update Summary was not properly displaying an error code for restricted financial institutions having multiple accounts. Fixed: An issue in which One...
6 months ago
Quicken doesn't open
Using Quicken Premier 2019 R20 on Windows 10 Pro platform Worked yesterday, August 8, and I have a .QDF file with yesterday's date backed up. Today, QW.EXE fails to start, whether by clicking desk...
6 months ago 2
Downloaded Payee Often Wrong
I'm using Quicken Deluxe 2019. When I do a OSU, the downloaded payee on some transactions is often wrong. For several different accounts, it often has the name of a completely different credit card ...
6 months ago 2
Quicken 2017 and Upgrade to Win10 ver 1903
Just in case some others are having a problem, I thought I would post this and maybe save someone a headache. Recently upgraded my system from Win10 Pro ver 1809 to ver 1903 and Quicken would no...
6 months ago 1