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Backup directory
Using Qkn Premier 2020 R25.21 Build on Windows 10 PRO with latest updates. General backup software is Softland's Backup4All, version 8.6 build 292, running mirror backups nightly at 1:00 AM...
3 months ago 2
Quicken printout of Spending Report
When I print out my spending report, the eApenses instead of being in RED are unreadable pale yellow. I've changed all the ribbons, I've changed SPENDING in preferences but NOTHING brings me back to...
3 months ago 1
Quicken 2020 R26.15 Release Notes
April 2020 Fixed: Few issues related to crashes.
3 months ago
Printing a bunch of 1-per-page checks
My checks are all one-per-page. I discovered, to my surprise, that the Print-checks box only has "number of checks on the *first* page" [emphasis mine :o)]. That screwed up my third check... Is there...
3 months ago
Can't update an account
This is bizarre. I have an account set up for direct connect and it appeared in one-step update. But I started Q this morning and the account won't update - neither with 1-step nor directly with...
3 months ago 6
Automatic monthly payment
I'd like to set up Quicken 2020 Starter to automatically send $250 to my HOA every month. How do I do that (baby steps, please)? Thanks. If your payment account supports online bill payment using the...
3 months ago 1
Online balance is the wrong sign
In a credit card account, using one-step update, the sign of the online balance is the right value but the wrong sign. When I reconcile the account, the statement ending balance is therefore the wrong...
3 months ago 4
Quicken 2020 R26.14 Release Notes
Big one this month... Quicken 2020 R26.14 Release Notes April 2020 New: Added the ability to toggle display of cents in the portfolio view. This can now be selected on the Portfolio page under...
3 months ago
Setting up a loan.(A Quicken Community discussion)
"Setting up a loan" as in the Quicken Community discussion of the same name,found here: funds from the loan account (as the original poster in that discussion) appears to have done), will cause the...
4 months ago
":Economic impact payment" Q category?
Good Monday morning. Curious what category people are going to put this into Q as, assuming you're 'lucky' enough to be getting it? It's not taxable. It's also not a tax "refund". Doesn't really fit...
4 months ago 5
odd discover problem
I discovered this morning that discover has been hit by a lightning bolt in my quicken. When I started quicken it showed that *NONE* of my transactions, right from the beginning of the account are...
4 months ago 1
discover is broken!
Help: I just had trouble with Discover. First, I noticed that it had magically flipped back to "online reconcile" since last Wednesday. BUT: when I did a download transactions a) it didn't find any...
4 months ago 1
backups and transfer downloads
If I restore a backup file into quicken after I've already loaded transactions into the previously-current version. Will doing a transaction update work properly -- that is, will up update all the...
4 months ago 1
TurboTax discussions/questions (lack thereof) this year
Wow, except for one post from myself and one post from "Les" about TurboTax, no other discusions or questions about that product. Years gone by, in the middle of tax season (granted it's been pushed...
4 months ago 5
Microsoft Money Resurected!
Well, not exactly resurected, but interesting none the less. Next month, Microsoft is rebranding Office 365 to Microsoft 365. At that time, they plan to release an updated version of Excel with the...
4 months ago 2