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Printing Checks to Plain Check Stock in Q2017?
[Bear with me ? perhaps a bit wordy] Does anyone have experience printing checks to plain check stock from Quicken - presumably through a 3rd party application? Example: CHECKMAGIC Software (I ...
1 year ago 13
2019 quicken premier - best place to purchase
Currently have 2016 quicken premier and have been happy with it; understand I will need to update to 2019 version by this April to continue to get the downloads of data which I need. Any suggestion...
1 year ago
Quicken 2019 R18.14 Release Notes
Jan 2019 Improved: You can now send and receive bill payments without doing a full transaction download. This is useful if you have a financial institution that limits the number of downloads you...
1 year ago
One Step Update for New Bank Account
QW Deluxe 2018. I just added a new bank account, and set it up for Transaction Download (it's Express Connect). Every morning, when I do OSU, it asks for the Password. I supply it and check the "...
1 year ago 8
Heads up Q import to TTax2108
I don't know if this is just a problem for me, but in case it has general applicability, I installed TTax2018 today and attempted to import from QD2017. It failed. When I started QD2017, I got an...
1 year ago
import investment transactions into quicken2016
Anyone have any success importing investment transactions into a Quicken 2016 investment account? I have appx 3 months of missing transactions. I am able to download a csv from my brokerage and con...
1 year ago 5
Quicken 2019 R17.6 Release Notes
Quicken 2019 R17.6 Release Notes Dec 2018 Fixed: An issue where transactions that were previously accepted, appeared in the Compare-to-Register area after performing a One Step Update. Quicken 2...
1 year ago
Amazon 2019 deal
I ordered this deal, but am unable to install the required downloader. Mostly I use Chrome and it no longer supports java. tried firefox and edge, similar problem. Amazon says this is not returnabl...
1 year ago 4
2018 Turbotax Premier - On Line Version
I will be using the online version of Turbotax Premier, which I understand can be used for up to 5 returns. I have started to work on one return. How do I start working on another return?
1 year ago 7
Quicken 2019 R16.14 Release Notes
Dec 2018 Fixed: An issue where the Income vs. Expenses snapshot added to the home screen would display an incorrect graph after clicking Show as Full Graph. Fixed: An issue where some accounts we...
1 year ago
Tweakjing the printed check format
Q2018/win7: I've just started playing around with having Quicken print out checks. It was totally trivial and that's good, but one slight format problem: When it prints out the amount-in-words, ...
1 year ago 1
deleting zero transactions
I have a *lot* of zero-dollar transactions clogging up my register. I'd like to delete them. Is there some easy way to do that? I did a "find" to find them all, selected them. But the 'find' di...
1 year ago 5
New Account - Setting Up Online Services
1 year ago 4
Address Export Not Working
1 year ago 1
TTax Deluxe - $49.99
1 year ago 10