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Q2016 cannot open if connected to the internet becasue it says it cannot connect to the internet!
This is a new problem. I have to disable the network connection in order to open quicken 2016, other wise it says it cannot open because it cannot connect to the internet. I have found only a smidgen...
6 months ago 27
Missing repeating deposites for a loan
I asked a few months back about how/why a monthly loan payment to me didn't get automatically entered into the register one month. It just happened again and now I understand why. These payments are...
6 months ago
Quicken 2020 R24.14 Release Notes
Jan 2020 Fixed: An issue in which scheduled bill reminders were being skipped. Fixed: An issue in which uploads of sanitized files were missing from customer feedback reports. Fixed: An issue in which...
6 months ago
keeping backups
I'm fairly conservative about backups, but I wonder if I'm being too conservative. I have 600+ quicken backups dating back to 2012. That strikes me as madness [actually, really just laziness]. What's...
6 months ago 5
Quicken 2020 R24.11 Release Notes
Quicken 2020 R24.11 Release Notes Jan 2020 New: A new Setup Panel now provides guided setup for new customers. This handy new sidebar will help those new to Quicken get introduced to some key...
6 months ago
$0 transactions
It appears that almost every charge I make with my Discover card generates a $0 transaction in addition to the actual transaction. What I've been doing is one-by-one deleting them from the downloaded...
6 months ago 7
Memo error in Paycheck function
I use Quicken Premiere subscription, always updated. I just noticed an issue with the paycheck function. In Quicken, I configured my paycheck to include a pre-tax deduction named Employee Contribution...
6 months ago 5
Free Turbotax Premier via Fidelity Investments Site
For each of the last several years, I have used a free Turbotax online version via the Fidelity Investments site. From the site, it goes to the Intuit site where I choose th3e free premier version....
7 months ago 1
Share data file for Quicken Mac and Windows?
Hi All, I have Quicken Deluxe 2020 for PC. Have the data file shared on a network share (LAN) at my house. Just got a macbook. Want to be able to use Quicken Mac and load the data file on the Mac. Is...
7 months ago 7
Quicken 2019 R23.21 Release Notes
Jan 2020 Fixed: An issue in which One Step Update (OSU) would stop responding for some users. Fixed: An issue in which users who had chosen to auto-renew their subscription were being prompted to...
7 months ago
One Step Update
I'm using Quicken Deluxe When I ran one step update this morning, it started, then stayed in starting mode with three circular icons that didn't move for what seemed like forever. It never...
7 months ago 11
TurboTax Deluxe + State 2019 Tax Software [Amazon Exclusive] [PC Download + Free $10 Amazon Gift Card - TODAY Only
FYI MAC and PC versions, today only. > Amazon ran a similar deal a few weeks ago, and I went for it. But Amazon charged me $10 for the $10 gift card, so I gained nothing. I only spent a few minutes...
7 months ago 3
Quicken 2019 R23.18 Release Notes
Dec 2019 Improvement: Updated Tax Planner to reflect changes in tax rate. Improvement: Improved tracking when the Forgot Password link is used.
7 months ago
Janus download list the wrong security.
In my One Step Update I have two Janus accounts.Each of the accounts has multiple 'funds' which are linked to more than one Quicken account. (Why I have the securities broken-out into multiple Quicken...
7 months ago 1
Renewal Time
Opened Quicken a noticed a new banner inviting me to renew my use of the program. Checked my records and sure enough, my two year subscription will expire next month. In 2017, I paid $90 for a 27...
8 months ago 2