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1 year ago 3
TurboTax for t/y 2018 available for d/l
1 year ago 9
Problem finding incomplete reconcile
I usually have 100% correct reconcile. However, my last month's account had an error. I left it with it with an error in the amount. Now I can't find that checking amount. I want to find it so...
1 year ago
Expiration of Quicken 2017 online services
I just received an email from quicken stating that my membership expires 12/09/2018. I thought that when I purchased 2017 Premier that it was good for three years. Did I mis-understand that? I...
1 year ago 5
OL-297-A with Chase
Quicken 2019, latest version. So started getting a OL-297-A error attempting a one step update with chase. Tried resetting account - "Account reset failed." So I deleted online services for Ch...
1 year ago 8
How to get Quicken to Update the Financial Instituition Website
Recently Columbia Threadneedle updated their website logon with separate logon for professional investors & individual investors using 2 web page addresses. I've been able to download previously with...
1 year ago 7
"Check number" entries on auto-entered transactions?
I use the auto-enter facility of BillPay to remind me of upcoming bills and income. I have them add these transactions automatically 35 days ahead of time, so I can view my upcoming cash flow. ...
1 year ago 6
Fixing an ancient un-reconciled transation
I have an old transaction [from 2012] that obviously has cleared. Is there a clean/easy way to get it marked "Reconciled"? I *think* that if I just change its status to 'reconciled' that'll throw ...
1 year ago 1
Quicken 2019 Premier BillPay question
I currently use Quicken 2017 Premier and use Quicken BillPay. It appears that if I upgrade to 2019 Premier I will get BillPay included for no additional charge vs. the $9.95 I currently pay. It a...
1 year ago
Quicken 2018 Deluxe Update
Running Quicken 2018 Deluxe, when I do a One Step Update, I get the message "A free update to Quicken is available." I click "Download Update..." It does an automatic backup. In the update Windows t...
1 year ago 2
Quicken 2019 R14.27 Release Notes
Oct 2018 Fixed: An issue where One Step Update displayed an incorrect error message.
1 year ago 1
Q crashing when ''
Anyone else have this issue? On QD 2019 R14.23 (most current). Trying to modify my asset allocation selections. Drop down "INVESTING"->"INVESTING TOOLS"->"ASSET ALLOCATION GUIDE". Selection "HO...
1 year ago 6
Quicken 2019 Mac
Quicken has announced the 2019 products. How is the Mac product doing? I would like to compare features of Quicken Premier, Mac vs Windows. I was not able to find anything helpful on the web site. ...
1 year ago
Quicken for the Web
OK, admittedly this is a dumb question, but I'm hoping. I see there is now such a product as 'Quicken for the Web'. Where is the data stored? I currently maintain two separate computers with ind...
1 year ago 9
Quicken 2019 R14.23 Release Notes
And a couple of rather massive updates... Quicken 2019 R14.23 Release Notes Oct 2018 Welcome to Quicken 2019! As a Quicken Member you always get the latest version of Quicken ? no more upgrading...
1 year ago