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Repeating payments
For some reason, say, old age, I no longer know how to set up a new repeating payment in Quicken (2017 Deluxe). Suppose I bought a new car and am making a monthly payment to XYZ Credit. Would som...
1 year ago 10
Quicken 2017 linked checking acct
I have Q2017 and a pretty good-sized database. One of my investment accounts is at a brokerage and in the past there was a "sweep" fund that picked up any cash, but they did away with it and now ...
1 year ago 2
Quicken 2018 and Windows 10 October Update
Just reporting that Quicken 2018 r12.15 plays nicely (works well) with Microsoft Windows 10 October 2018 Update version 1809. Fred J.
1 year ago 1
Weels Fargo resolution
No info at all via the quickencommunity ticket I'm following..but.. I got through to someone knowledgeable at Wells Fargo and my problem is solved!! The trouble was special characters in passwords. ...
1 year ago 2
Register behavior changed for RECONCILED transactions?
I wonder if this is just me again, or has the behavior chnaged. Suppose I have a downloaded transaction that I accept and it becomes 'R' as in auto -reconciled with all other fields populated acco...
1 year ago 11
Quicken 2018 R12.15 Release Notes
Sep 2018 New: Ability to remove transaction password using a One Time Password (OTP) that you can receive at your registered email address or through a text message to your registered mobile numbe...
1 year ago
unclaimed money from ATT stock
Help!!!! I am totally clueless! I recently found out that my great grandfather who has been deceast since the 1970s has unclaimed funds from several ATT Stocks. How do I go about claiming them? Can I ...
1 year ago
Quicken 2018 R11.20 Release Notes
Quicken 2018 R11.20 Release Notes Sep 2018 Fixed:An issue where, in some cases, Quicken crashed when entering scheduled transactions. Quicken 2018 R11.19 Release Notes Sep 2018 Fixed: An issue w...
1 year ago
Debuggin a 301-A
Is there any way to figure out what's happening with a persistent 301-A error? [q 2018/r 11.19] I haven't been able to get my Wells Fargo information for three days now. It does 'updating financia...
1 year ago 9
Invitation from 20+yr Quicken User to Join Graduate School Research Study About Quicken Users
Hello Quicken Users! You are invited to participate in my research survey to understand Quicken users. I am a 20+ year user of Quicken and am currently doing research as part of a classroom pro...
1 year ago 4
Problem with account to account transfers
I have Quicken Premier by subscription, and fully updated. Quite often, I will record a payment in one account (example: checking) with category set to a second account (example: credit card). Wh...
1 year ago 3
Reconciling old unreconciled transactions
I'm not sure of the right way to go about this without messing up the register: I have a surprising number of old transactions that have long-ago been reconciled -- somehow. I'm not sure how/why t...
1 year ago 1
FI transactions in one account duplicated randomly in others
[Quicken Premier 2018 R11.18 Bld on Win 10 PRO 64-bit] When starting One-Step Update have begun receiving downloads (Direct Connect) from our main FI and found transactions in one account...
1 year ago 3
What release?
Using QKN Premier, R10.11, Build, on a 2-year subscription, on Windows 10 PRO Recent update post mentions R11.someting or other. On checking for updates from within QKN, am told I have t...
1 year ago 5
Quicken 2018 R11.18 Release Notes
And the fixes keep coming. Glad to see Quicken subscription model is holding up for now... Quicken 2018 R11.18 Release Notes Aug 2018 Fixed: An issue where, in some cases, check numbers were dele...
1 year ago