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Renewal Time
Opened Quicken a noticed a new banner inviting me to renew my use of the program. Checked my records and sure enough, my two year subscription will expire next month. In 2017, I paid $90 for a 27 ...
2 months ago 2
Billminder has dead entries?
Windows 10, Quicken Deluxe R23.17 Build I removed a credit card I canceled but Billminder insists on reminding me to pay it every month and shows it overdue each previous month, how ...
2 months ago 8
permanently never doing "online reconcile"
a few times a year [!!] I discover that when I go to reconcile one of my checking accounts I find that it had been switched to "online reconcile" . I **NEVER** want to do "online reconcile" and I ha...
2 months ago 11
Quicken best deal
My 2017 Deluxe was expire soon and I cannot seem to find any of the good offers for multiyear subscriptions. Any suggestions or leads?
2 months ago 2
Upgrade Q2017 Premier to current version
As I understand it, my Q2017 Premier will expire at the end of April, 2020. I found date that somewhere on the Quicken website but can't find it now and would appreciate a link. I see that Quic...
2 months ago 2
Celgene takeover by Bristol Myers
On November 21, Bristol Myers (BMY) took over Celgene (CELG). I own CELG in two accounts and after an One Step Update I updated the account which held the least number of shares by automatically a...
2 months ago 28
lost another scheduled entry
I'm pretty sure this happened before but not often... I have a repeating scheduled deposit. It enters itself every month on the 1st. Except--- it didn't enter the transaction for November 1st. ...
2 months ago 1
Rearrange order of items in income reminder screen?
Quicken Windows / R23.14. Can I re-arrange the order of items in the income reminder screen? When I go to enter my paycheck, my paystub for example is: Fed Tax Medicare Fica-SS Ca-Tax CADI-TA...
2 months ago 1
Quicken 2019 R23.17 Release Notes
Nov 2019 Fixed: An issue in which yearly reminders for bills were incorrect after syncing to the cloud. Fixed: An issue that occurred when cloud services were unavailable due to heavy traffic. We...
2 months ago
Stoci price updates
Using Quicken Home & Business 2013. The stock quote update has stopped working. is anyone else having problems with this? Do the update just stop after a period of time? Many thanks. ...
2 months ago 3
Quicken 2019 R23.14 Release Notes
Quicken 2019 R23.14 Release Notes Oct 2019 New: Added the ability to validate billing information through a new menu. Validating billing information ensures that bills are properly set up and spee...
3 months ago 1
Direct connect passwords broken
I've been working with my bank to get my direct connect working again. I've been using direct connect for months now and beginning Oct 27 I couldn't authenticate. I've been working with the bank's ...
3 months ago 1
Reconciling investment accounts
[Using Qkn Premier 2019 R22.17 on Windows 10 Pro] With age comes, for me, increasingly worse eyesight. Banking and credit card reconciliations do not require input from me when I choose "Online bala...
3 months ago 13
Quicken 2017 premier reinstalled can't open
No longer using Quicken since 2018 except to look up old transaction--no do wnloading or online accessing. All files on my computer and I could access data for information purposes only since 2018...
3 months ago
Forced migration from Direct Connect to either Express Web Connect or Web Connect
So in it's infinite wisdom, my local Credit Union just underwent a massive migration of it's systems, requiring a new internet interface, mobile interface, and (appropriate for this forum) a new Q...
3 months ago 8