REinstalling Quicken 2017 after creah

I need to reinstall this. I have the disk, Quicken password, etc. I
also have to backup files for each account. I reinstalled and restore
one backup a credit card. Then I restored another account, a bank with
two checking accounts. When I look at the file list, it seems
everything had become a part of the credit card account. How do I
prevent that and put these things, and a brokerage account, separate
accounts like they were before the crash?
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Why would you be restoring on an account basis? Sounds like you didn't do a backup, but are doing an export/import.
Normally you would just take the latest QDATA backup, strip the timestamp from the file name and open it.
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Arthur Conan Doyle
"I also have to backup files for each account."
That doesn't make any sense. Q does backups on a "whole file" basis, not an account basis ... so please explain how those backups were created and what you're trying to do with them.
Also, restores are also on a "whole file" basis. You can't restore just a single account.
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On Fri, 3 Aug 2018 08:46:34 -0700 (PDT), danbrown wrote:
"I also have THE backup files for each account." These are the files you get by clicking the backup icon on the toolbar in Quicken (next to OSU icon)
I reinstalled Quicken then restored a restore file for a credit card. Then I restored a bank account with two checking accounts. It created fine except it shows the bank under the credit card name. I can get things to work buy the naming of the underlying files is a mess I'd like to get straight.
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"I also have THE backup files for each account." These are
AGAIN, you cant' restore a single account. The Quicken restore process is ALWAYS for the entire file.
A Quicken file holds multiple accounts (banking, cards, brokerage, etc). A backup of a Quicken file is an exact copy of that entire file.
A Restore takes that entire backup file, and either overwrites the existing file OR (if you so choose) creates an entire new file with ALL the accounts from the file that was originally backed-up.
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