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Items in "billable time and costs" QB 2007 Pro
In QB 2007 Pro there's an option where we keep track of employee hours in the Billable Time and Costs area that allows us to add items presumably that would be billable at a later time; however, I can...
13 years ago 2
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13 years ago
QB Pro 2004
If I buy QB Pro 2004 from eBay, will I be able to input payroll? I now have QB Pro 99 and have 3 employees. I plug in the SS - Medicare - and Federal. Would I be able to do the same with 2004? Thanks...
13 years ago 3
QB for web-enabled PDAs and phones
A friend of mine is almost done writing a program like Intuit's, to allow you to enter TimeTracking info over the web and sync it to QB, but you can do it over a phone or web enabled PDA. It also...
13 years ago
Timer tries to install MS Speech SDK when run
Hi folks, I re-installed Timer recently for QB 2004 and when I go to run it, it always tries to install Microsoft SDK 5.1 and I have to manually stop the installation so I can run Timer. I have no...
13 years ago 1
Quickbooks and standby
I am using Quick Books Pro 2007, coming from Enterprise Solutions 4.0. That was tough nut in itself, but I used the Data Transfer Utility 7.0 available through Karl Irving. Link: can see that there is...
13 years ago
Can you view sent emails from QB?
I work for a company who is looking at possibly needing to sue someone for non payment. She claims she has never received an invoice from us, but we have mailed, faxed, and emailed her invoices. I...
13 years ago 13
What's the Best way to Cancel an Invoice?
Without going into the details as to 'why', I've an invoice which I sent out over a month ago. It will not be paid out to me (not a large amount if anyone is interested). So other than simply...
13 years ago 11
I was wondering if anyone could help
I am currently running QuickBooks Pro for the manufacturing company I work for. We are having issues printing out our Job Cost reports. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you Yes. And if we...
13 years ago 13
Bar Codes
Does QB Pro 2005 permit the addition of Zip Code bar codes to checks? Hi PT! I don't think you'll find a way to do this within QuickBooks. But, you may want to check out the solutions marketplace for...
13 years ago 1
USPS shipping labels?
Hello, QuickBooks can be used to print UPS and FedEx shipping labels. What about USPS (United States Postal Service) labels? Thanks, T.I. Not available. You have to go the USPS web site & get them...
13 years ago 2
QuickBooks with PayPal?
Hello, I know that QuickBooks integrates with the credit card merchant account provided by Intuit. What about other merchant accounts? I now have a PayPal merchant account. Thanks. T.I.
13 years ago
date range in payroll liabilities
Hi, I have been tearing my hair out on this one. I am running quickbooks 2005 pro and cannot set the right date range in the pay liabilities window. Whatever date I set, it reverts back to 2006 but I...
13 years ago
Customize NAVIGATION BAR in QB 2007
Is there a way to customize the Navigation bar in QuickBooks Pro 2007? I can change the icon bar. I cannot seem to change the navigation bar. Thanks. Hi! The navigation bar is not customizable. The...
13 years ago 1
Simple IRA is not in Payroll Liabilities List after QBooks 2004 to 2007 Upgrade
I just upgraded from QBooks 2004 to Quickbooks 2007. My Simple IRA liabilities (both employee and company contributions) no longer show up in the liabilities list when I try to pay payroll...
13 years ago