accrued interest paid on bonds

From Pub 550 my understanding is that when I buy a bond with accrued
interest I enter the full interest paid, and then a second entry with a
negative number for the accrued interest.
I have that right, don't I?
The reason I ask, is that TaxCut won't accept negative interests. Instead
it has you check a box on the bottom of the 1099int entry form which allows
you to enter a number for the accrual. It says to enter a positive number
when you buy a bond with accrued interest, but when I do that my taxes go
up, when they should go down. I think I have to enter a negative number.
I contacted customer service, but I don't think the guy there understood the
problem, because he answer was odd.
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I have sorta answered my own question.
Taxcut adjusts the NYS tax return incorrectly, so my tax goes up with an adjustment. I can't wait to see what they have to say about it.
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