Contacting the Taxpayer Advocate?

I had a problem that went on for 3 years because no one at the IRS seemed to be able to understand it, and no one would talk to me. I contacted my congressman, who put me in touch with the Taxpayer Advocate. She got it resolved as I wanted.
She also told me to call her if I had problems with anything else in the future. I am thinking I misunderstood her; if everyone who had problems called her, she would be inundated.
Did she mean that if I have problems with THIS issue, or with anything?
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No telling what she meant - might have been her way of saying, "Have a nice day!".
Any taxpayer with an issue meeting TAS case criteria may seek TAS intervention.
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no one at the IRS
Okay, thanks. I certainly met criteria 5; on two occasions they took 4 months to get back to me. And criteria 6. I called and was told that someone would get back to me in 30 days; no one did. They acknowledge no one got back to me, but claimed that my calling them didn't count as contacting them; it had to be in writing.
But all's well that ends well; I got interest.
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"TS" wrote
If you're having problems with your teenagers, probably not.
But for tax issues, after trying the usual routes to a solution, call her (or at least that office) and maybe skip the call to the Congresscritter.
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