Dead people got a lot of stimulus

News reports say $1.4 billion of stimulus payments went to dead
people. They would like it back, but still no word on whether it's
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That is about 0.5% of the total so I can't get too upset about it. I
expect most of it was spent by their heirs, which is pretty close to
the nominal goal of the program.
The payment they deposited in my deceased relative's estate account is
still there if they want it back.
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John Levine
The IRS has set a protocol for returning the funds, but there is debate as to whether the law permits it, not to mention requires it.
-- Arthur Rubin, Brea, CA
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Arthur Rubin
Surely the law does not PROHIBIT the return of such funds.
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I suspect he means, whether the law allows the IRS to ask for it back, not whether someone can voluntarily return the money.
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