Estimated tax due date for second quarter

I'm pretty sure I saw something here a month or so ago, to the effect
that the estimated Federal tax payment due on June 15th had _not_
been deferred to July 15th. But I could be mistaken about that.
In any case, this IRS notice, dated April 9th, explicitly extends the
deadline for second quarter estimated payments from June 15h to July
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"Besides the April 15 estimated tax payment previously extended,
today?s notice also extends relief to estimated tax payments due June
15, 2020. This means that any individual or corporation that has a
quarterly estimated tax payment due on or after April 1, 2020, and
before July 15, 2020, can wait until July 15 to make that payment,
without penalty."
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Stan Brown
Correct. Both the 1st and 2nd quarter estimated payments are now due on July 15. Most states have followed suit, but if you have state estimated obligations, check with your state's tax authority to confirm.
Ira Smilovitz, EA Leonia, NJ
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ira smilovitz

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