Filing Jointly, Resident of MA worked in NY part of Year

Well I live in Ma and so does my wife. This last year I worked in NYC as part of my consulting project. I worked 3 days a week in NYC and stayed in Hotels in Manhattan. Please advise as to how I divide my state tax and pay in each state? Appreciate the help.
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Since you are a full-year resident of MA, you are taxed in MA on all of your income, including your NY earnings. NY will tax your income earned from performing services in NY. If you were an employee, and performed services for a NY employer part of the time in NY and part of the time at your home in MA, you are subject to NY tax on all of your earnings from the NY employer. MA will allow you credit for the tax you pay to NY on your NY earnings, except that if any part of your earnings from your NY employer was earned by performing services in MA, no credit may be allowed on that part of your income. Katie in San Diego
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