Foreign ETFs and Mutual Funds

In article you write:
Since ETFs are mutual funds, the answer is probably yes, although it's hard to guess what you are asking.
Are you asking if foreign ETFs and funds are treated the same as each other, or are the treated the same as domestic funds and ETFs?
The same for tax purposes, the same for what you see on your 1099s, something else?
R's, John
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John Levine
What I meant was that foreign mutual funds are subject to very high taxation. Are foreign ETFs treated the same way?
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Lawrence Israel
Lawrence Israel writes:
Foreign mutual funds/ETFs are *not* "subject to very high taxation". They are taxed the same way ones investing in domestic securities are.
Now, it is true that the funds/ETFs may have to pay income taxes to other countries but that will generate a tax credit.
Is that foreign tax withheld at the source what you are asking about?
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Rich Carreiro

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