How to properly report 1099 MISC

I have filed my taxes but I was hoping to do it myself using TurboTax. I ended up going to a local tax preparer. Any way, my problem was entering my wife's 1099 MISC, she received this income pretty much as a contractor on top of her current wages. The way the preparer ended up reporting it was in schedule C (form 1040). When comparing this to TurboTax, it has listed the 1099 MISC, Schedule C- EZ, Schedule C. Are all these necessary?
Can you guys teach me how to properly report this so that next time I can just use TurboTax? Thanks very much!
Daniel A.
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"dman81" wrote
Income from self-employment, even if not reported to the IRS via a 1099-MISC, gets reported on Schedule C for most business activities. Schedule C-EZ is for self-employment type income with less than $5k of expenses.
You can use either form, but you don't need both for the same business activity.
Also, the net profits will flow to a Schedule SE.
Paul A. Thomas, CPA
Athens, Georgia
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Paul Thomas, CPA

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