IRS Tax Payment - Third Party Check

Does anyone have any experience with making a Federal tax
payment via a third party check? This is where a check
payable to John Smith is endorsed "Pay To The Order Of
United States Treasury" by John Smith in payment of John
Smith's taxes. The IRM seems to permit it in a few
places, but I was wondering if anyone had actually done
Thanks for your input.
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Taxpayer Service personnel in local IRS offices used to be, and probably still are, prohibited by management from accepting third party checks. I never had a problem accepting them in Field Collection or getting them posted in the District Office or Service Center teller unit.
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As Paultry noted, the money will get where it belongs, but I certainly wouldn't make this a first choice. The check is going to wind up back with the original maker, so the taxpayer will have nothing to go back to easily if something goes wrong with the posting. Plus, in this age of identity theft, the original maker winds up with the taxpayer's SSN. No big whoop to me, but some people care deeply about this.
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Phil Marti

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