Moderator: What Robomoderation means to you

I have decided to switch over to robomoderation now so that
I am here to take care of any conversion problems.
What this means to you is that
1) If you are on the approved list, your submissions
will be automatically approved and posted; or
2) Your submissions are reviewed by the team Mark Bole
is putting together.
While I am in Australia crossing the Nullarbor, Stu or his
designee will be in charge of the moderation team as well
as the Complaint Department. I am confident that he will
as vigilant as I have been when it comes to dismissing
What changes will there be:
1. I will be unable to harass Harlan directly as the
moderator will no longer be able to add comments.
2. There will be rejection notices, but not for
Reasons for rejection notices:
Top-posted reply
Signature is too long
Inappropriate commercial content
Incorrect capitalization or ALL CAPS
Copyrighted material
Technical violation of charter (HTML, binary, too long, control)
Duplicate submission
Unprofessional comments
Inappropriate political content
(Please note that polite/humorous attacks on tax issues against
Congress, the Executive Branch, and Johnny and the Supremes are
generally acceptable - but naming individuals is NOT). Also
this newsgroup is not available for comments pro or con on the
Reasons for deletion without a rejection notice:
Arguing with the moderator
Tax protester or other sociopath
Submission is grossly off-topic
Nothing is absolute - except my decisions. ;-)
Please remember "Precedent means nothing to me."

Reply to
Dick Adams
(balance snipped for brevity's sake.
Improvements are always welcome! (grin)
Seriously though, bon voyage, Dick. You'll be achieving a long time goal to go "down under", and hopefully next year I'll finally get to visit Russia. ChEAr$, Mate! Tovarich! Harlan
Moderator: I do plan to solicit the Noo Yawk Times as a sponsor and have them give you a free subscription. Maybe I can have Charlie Daniels write a song about the boys at Dew Drop Inn learning you read the NYT.
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Harlan Lunsford
"Dick Adams" wrote
Does this "robomoderation" allow you more time to judge beer tasting contests? If so, why didn't you institute this earlier? Moderator: 1. Yes 2. I was sober.
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Paul Thomas, CPA
. . .
I trust that wouldn't apply to a submission of the form "Congressman X has submitted the following ridiculous tax proposal: . . ."
Moderator: It's not really a change. It's always been that way. You can't attack Congressman X or his legislative history even if he is the village idiot. But his tax proposals are fair game. You can, as you well know, make any professionally crafted derogatory remarks against the House or the Senate taken as a whole.
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