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Katie, states like Hawaii may choose not to have a sales tax because the costs of goods that have to be imported and can't be made locally (nearly everything) is going to be high because of the cost of transport are much higher for every item and neither manufacturing or trading are major sources of revenue. Airport landing tax paid by travellers is a thing. Hotel tax is a thing. Tourism is the main source of revenue. Nevada can get money paid again by tourists and gambling. Alaska by timber, petroleum and gold industries. People who put themselves forth as experts on a subject really should be a bit better than they are in this thread. These things are obvious to some, but apparently not to all. A sales tax should only be leveled against the end user, as someone has already said. People seem to have holes in their learning through some breakdown, somewhere along the way between when they are born and they put out their shingle as a paid expert/consultant/professional. Perhaps it is only required just enough to fool enough people to thinking you know what you're talking about, but you merely need to know more than the person paying you, to simplify things; I mean this in general, not to any specific person in this thread, to avoid conflict. Liberal educations and critical thinking are not what they used to be, now liberal just mean you want to give other peoples' money away.
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