Still not getting a clear answer on this simple wash sale query

Let me try again.
Let's say on 2/25 I buy 500 sh. of XYZ in my traditional IRA account and
do the same in my regular brokerage account.
XYZ goes down and I would like to just take the loss in my regular
account. But if I sell it today that loss will be permanently disallowed
due to the wash sale rule.
But if I wait until say 3/29 (> 31 days), then I can take the loss -- no
wash sale involved. Note that I do not intend to buy XYZ again for at
least 31 days.
Am I correct?
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Yes. If there is no purchase, +/- 30 days of the sale at a loss, the loss is not washed out by anything. That should be concise enough and should have been my first attempt at answering.
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