Taxpayer Advocate Proposes IRS Apologies And Payments

Not a bad idea if they also include oppressed tax preparers
-- of which I am not one. However, I shall not hold my
breath until it happens.
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The advocate also urged that the outside tax collector program
be discontinued. In another web article, it was pointed out
that predictions were for collectors to raise between $1.5
and $2.2 billion over the next ten years. The IRS now estimates
that the private debt collectors reported gross revenue at $31
million for the 2007 fiscal year.
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William Brenner
On Jan 10, 10:48 pm, William Brenner wrote:
Probably somewhere on this Board but can one of you folks please post a link or the URL where the Taxpayer Advocate proposed this? The National head of TAO or "just" a local TA?
I was not aware of this and it may be very relevant to one of my client's imminent seizure of his residence case (which I feel should be closer to apology mode than loss of home mode).
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