foreign shares question.

Hopefully someone can point me to a web page where I can find this
out, or maybe this group can answer my questions.
I have some shares in my company which is based in Germany which are
currently being held by the Company.
Apart from selling the shares, I now have 2 options.
1: Transfer the shares into a nominee service held with a bank acting
as a bare trustee. the shares will be held in the form of Crest
Depository Interests (CDI's).
2: Transfer my shares to my personal custody account. (which I dony
actually have at the monemt!)
I dont really understand fully either of these options, and am hoping
for some guidance so I can make my decision.
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I'm not sure of the exact mechanism, but I too have shares in a company (a former employer) listed on the German Neuermarkt. My employer and their bank at the time took care of the transfer to a personal account with DLJ Direct (who were then bought by TD Waterhouse). Once TDW introduced "idle account" fees a couple of years later, I took care of transferring them myself to comdirect.
Have a chat with comdirect.
HTH, Alex.
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Alex Butcher

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