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Woodford and Hargreaves Lansdown
I'm badly affected by the Woodford disaster. I hope the man is permanently banned from the financial sector. As the main fund is suspended, we have to wait to see how much the damage is. Partly my ...
9 months ago 5
property valuation for inheritance tax
pounds. This was incorrect, because its actual value was around 200,000. Currently our property is at around 1.1 million pounds. That's the sale price of one of our neighbours a few months ago, wh...
10 months ago 3
Why can't we get rid of 1p, 2p, 5p coins?
Why can't we get rid of 1p, 2p, 5p coins? They're virtually worthless.
10 months ago 42
paying a solicitor for inheritance tax
I have a question which you may find interesting. At some point in the next few years, I will have to pay UK inheritance tax on a UK residential property, probably in the neighbourhood of 50,000 p...
11 months ago 1
other UK finance forums?
Where can I find other (web) forums for UK finance questions? reddit, perhaps? any others? thanks
11 months ago 10
I have a Canadian CAD account, and I want to transfer 80,000 CAD from it to UK GBP cash. I live in the UK. What's my best move? I can take 500 GBP per day / 3,000 CAD per week via Canadian credit ...
1 year ago 4
Does the FSCS cover dormant accounts?
Does the ?85000 protected in an account under the Financial Services Compensation Scheme remain protected if the account becomes dormant? Harry
1 year ago 1
High Income Child Benefit Charge
I have just received a letter today about the High Income Child Benefit charge for the 2017-18 tax year. It does not make clear what we might owe. This is the first I have heard about this tax so ...
1 year ago 2
Where to Put My £-Sterling Savings Before Dollar-Pa rity?
I think the pound will continue to drop from $1.33 to $1.29 on a 61.8% Fibonacci retracement over the past year and a half, before another possible dead-cat bounce. Where can I place my savings, ...
1 year ago 1
£1m inheritance WOOP WOOP - what to do?
As per the title, father-in-law has passed on leaving his estate to his dau ghter (my wife) looks like the final figure after taxes is going to be approximately £1m. Never having had read...
1 year ago 2
Pension entitlement and untraceable people?
Met up with a girl I used to work with years ago. She tells me she's had probably five or six jobs in her 32 years on this planet and has paid into a pension scheme in all of them. (Don't worry, ou...
2 years ago 3
Three Still Takes Payment For Cancelled Contract
Three Still Takes Payment For Cancelled Contract Up until October 2017 I used a Huawei dongle (black with green '3') to acce ss the Internet. This was on a monthly billing plan of £16 for 5GB. I ...
2 years ago
Reducing Tax In The Previous Tax Year
Just completing my 2016/17 tax return. Due to some sizeable sales bonuses I got toward the end of the tax year I find I now owe HMRC a few K for the 16/17 tax year…. I am employed. Are there ...
2 years ago 2
Treatment of an old credit balance on a supplier statement
Hi, I've just started working for a new company and recently received a monthly statement from one of our suppliers. On this statement there is a credit b alance of £525.00 When I queried thi...
2 years ago
Money with expiry date
What if my salary expired after 90 days? I would have to spend, invest, or lose the money, saving is not an option. With elecronic cash, it would be possible to track each pound and give it a dat...
2 years ago 3