High Income Child Benefit Charge

I have just received a letter today about the High Income Child
Benefit charge for the 2017-18 tax year. It does not make clear what
we might owe. This is the first I have heard about this tax so I
would question whether they would have the right to claw back payments
made last year.
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I've had the same. The letter implies I might owe money as far back as 2012. I think the amount I apparenty owe for last year was around £120 or so.
The letter encourages me to contact them regarding the years further back to avoid 'penalties'...
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Andy Hawkins
I know! They really make you jump through hoops to do this.
I telephoned the number on the letter and they told me that the government had introduced this tax but had not given the relevent agencies access to the information they need. Therefore the tax office does not know what the Child Benefit office is doing and vice versa. The tax office decided to write to anyone who *might* be liable for this tax and then let them sort it out.
FWIW If anyone is interested the procedure is as follows: 1. Register for self-assement tax returns on
formatting link
You'll need your NI number and other personal information for this. 2. Wait for them to write you a letter with your UTR ("Unique tax reference") which you need to create an online account. 3. Fill in the self-assement form. 4. Bang you head against a wall ;-)
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