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Settling debts after death
My wife will be the sole owner of our house when I die. Will she have to sell the house to pay off my debts? -- Ryder
3 years ago 7
Pensions and reduced allowance for high incomes
I hope this group isn't completely dead! I'm trying to make sense of the calculations for the reduced ('tapered') pension annual allowance. Hypothetical person gets paid £180K. They also contrib...
3 years ago 1
Financial Times - very disappointed
All, I usually look at re-jigging my portfolio of UK stocks and bonds at the beginning of the year. Rather than looking individually on my Hargreaves internet account, I thought it would be nice...
3 years ago 1
Why does NatWest take payments early?
Not something I'll lose sleep over, but I'm curious... Just checked my NatWest online current a/c statement (00:30 on 1/1/2017). The most recent two entries are dated 3/1/2017. About £220 in tota...
3 years ago 2
Policy Holder
Dear Sir, Policy No.28033827 - Ref. 3030/9328 - Statement date. 9 Nov 1986 Plan Name. Manulife Independent Pension Arrangement - Type B Retirement Dt. 15/!2/1995 I would like to draw your attenti...
3 years ago 1
no vat receipt for item,can I then sell it on iwith VAT?
Quick question, I've purchase an item from someone whom isn't vat registere d. However the item brought elsewhere is vatable when brought from someone vat registered. As I've purchased this from so...
3 years ago 2
NSI Index Linked Certificates
Savers about to renew their certificates for three years are being offered RPI * 0.01%. Without a crystal ball how can anyone contemplate them? Bill.
3 years ago 8
Orange Eevryday 50 and 0800 numbers
Is it true 0800s are free once again from mobiles including Orange ED50? I mean to numbers like these: 0808 1 703 703 (for 0808 1 701 701 (for 0808 1 708 708 (for
3 years ago 6
How to treat a purchase from a EC member state on the VAT return.
Hi I just wondered if you can give some advice on the following.... We have recently used a supplier in another EC Member State, they have prin ted for us brochures at a cost of £25000 (no vat a...
3 years ago
what would an investor buy to gamble on a NATO-Russia war
Recently retired NATO general Richard Shirreff, who was Deputy Supreme Allied Commander Europe (DSACEUR) until 2014, has warned about the possibility of a NATO-Russia war in 2017. The trouble, in ...
3 years ago 1
US / Canada finance newsgroups / forums?
As the subject says. Where can I find some US / Canada finance newsgroups / forums? I invested on the stock market many years ago, and am wondering if this is an appropriate time to get back into...
3 years ago 2
Explanation of Section 104 'pooled' cost basis for calculating cost of shares
Can someone explain how this is calculated? I understand how it works if th ere are multiple purchases of the same stock over a period of several years . What if there are also multiple sales of the...
3 years ago 2
Poor little Gideon
I see he only got £3 interest on his bank accounts. Perhaps he should use ISAs or perhaps a Santander 123 Account like other hardworking© people - unless of course he just has no savings wha...
3 years ago 7
Dividend Payments (Balance Sheet?)
Hi, Could someone confirm that any Dividend payments made are posted direct to the balance sheet (not on the Profit & Loss?) And what sub catergory should the dividend payments go under on the ba...
3 years ago
CIS tax payments - checking they've been paid?
I've worked for a couple of rather dodgy builders this year, who paid me via the CIS scheme. I did get pay slips at the time. How do I find out if they paid HMRC my deductions? If they havent paid...
3 years ago 1