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Dear Sir,
Policy No.28033827 - Ref. 3030/9328 - Statement date. 9 Nov 1986 Plan Name. Manulife Independent Pension Arrangement - Type B Retirement Dt. 15/!2/1995
I would like to draw your attention that I have been living In Mumbai, India for the last 28 years and it is possible/likely you may have written some letters to my old address in Harrow, Middx. which must have gone to astray due to change of my address. When I lived in Harrow, Middx. I received the Policy statement as under: Premiums paid to date Stg. Pounds 180.00 + Interest credited to date STG. Pounds 191.69 The total amount credited to my policy Stg. Pounds 371.69
Since my retirement date was 15th Dec. 1995 I wonder wether I am qualifying for profits.Hence would you like to look into this matter and let me know updated statement together with your interest/profits to my current residence address as: 7/501 Garden Estate Ruby CHSL., Glayds Alwaris Road, OFF Pokhran Road no2 Thane (West), Mumbai 400610 Maharashtra.
Regards, Yours faithfully, Khushi Chandiramani Mob. 91+ 9833590725
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Posting this to a newsgroup looks like a scam, but I can't work out the payload.
On the off chance that this has just been sent to completely the wrong place, if I were the insurance company, I would want a specific address, not just "Harrow Middx".
You can also assume that they will want documents to prove your identity and address, although I'm not sure if they insist on these for such de minimis balances.
Also, especially given your likely age, the only sensible thing to do with that small amount is to cash it in, for which they are likely to want an IBAN, although they may require you to use their forms to make the request.
Incidentally, Manulife seems to be Canadian, not British, so I've been unable to find information on how to submit claims for a pension taken out in the UK!
Finally, most financial institutions will not accept formal requests by email, so the most you can probably expect is a form to complete to be sent to them on paper to actually make the request.
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David Woolley

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