no vat receipt for item,can I then sell it on iwith VAT?

Quick question, I've purchase an item from someone whom isn't vat registere d. However the item brought elsewhere is vatable when brought from someone vat registered. As I've purchased this from someone not registered with VAT , can I still charge VAT on top when selling?
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Richard Evans
As I understand it, you *must* charge VAT. The only effect of the lack of paperwork, is that you cannot recover any input VAT.
However, HMRC are reportedly quite helpful about such questions, and should be able to give you a definitive answer.
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David Woolley
I am assuming you are registered for VAT and must therefore charge VAT to your customer.
My understanding is it depends on whether the item you purchased from is acting as your agent. If so, and you can obtain the original VAT invoice, you can claim this input VAT.
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