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ISA interest calculation
Can someone do the maths for me? 22/07/2015, £15240 invested in ISA, interest paid in April. 05/04/2016, £53.96 interest paid. What rate have I received?
3 years ago 3
NS&I website problem (6 April 2016)?
6 April 2016 I am trying to cash in a savings certificate. The NS&I website seems to wo rk; I can log in, select the certificate, click to cash it and I then type into my phone the 4 digit code...
3 years ago 4
Eurotunnel warrants
I have recently discovered that I own some warrants for Eurotunnel shares. These were registered in 1988 - quite a while ago! Nowhere on the certifica te does it say these are time limited. I enqui...
3 years ago 4
absorption costing
Hi, just wondering if anyone could give advice on a project I am doing in regards to absorption costing. Have completed my figures, would like someone to take a look & advise if I'm heading in the ri...
3 years ago
Buying 'first house' to rent - extra 3% stamp duty or not?
My son, who doesn't own a house, is buying a 'buy to let' property. This will thus be his first and only property. My reading of the new rules about the extra 3% stamp duty is that it won't apply ...
3 years ago 1
House to joint ownership?
Wife and I are in mid seventies. House (paid for) is in my name. Is there any advantage in changing to joint ownership and if so, how to do it. Scotland if it makes any difference.
3 years ago 13
Qualifying income for pension SIPP contribtion
I closed my compamy down as I am now 90% retired, but still do a little work. I simply send the companies concerned an invoice with no VAT charged (I de-registered) in my personal name not previous...
3 years ago 1
Marriage Allowance - What constitutes 'income'?
As my wife's income is below the tax threshold, and I have to pay tax, it appears that we qualify for the new Marriage Allowance (introduced last April). However, despite looking at countless we...
3 years ago 5
[OT] Cheap postage
I sometimes see an item from a UK seller on Amazon which is so cheap that it hardly covers the cost of postage. I pay 54p for a second class letter (74p if it's thicker than 0.5cm) but some sell...
3 years ago 51
Is there a way to tell how much ISA allowance one has used?
Does HMRC or some other government agency have a record of how much one has invested in ISAs each year? We have had a complicated year and I just haven't a clue how much allowance I have left. Is ...
3 years ago 33
ISA Eligibility
I may be travelling quite often in the next financial year. Can anyone please tell me how long one has to be in the UK to be eligible for that year's Individual Savings Account (ISA)? Is it 90 days...
3 years ago 3
Broker recommendation website
I need a website where broker forecasts are pulled together and can be easily seen on one page (preferably), rather than having to go from share to share seeing what the current buy/sell views are. Do...
4 years ago 2
temporary withdrawal of funds from ISA
As I understand it, the government now allows us (since Oct 2015) to withdraw funds from an ISA and return them again within the same tax year without using up any of the annual allowance. However,...
4 years ago 8
Maintain a positive balance on a Barclaycard?
I forgot a monthly payment on Barclaycard - and got charged interest and late payment fee, not the end of the world but just annoying! Is it possible to keep a credit balance on Barclaycard just t...
4 years ago 14
VAT forums?
Can anyone recommend a good forum/group for a complex VAT question?
4 years ago 5