Qualifying income for pension SIPP contribtion

I closed my compamy down as I am now 90% retired, but still do a little work. I simply send the companies concerned an invoice with no VAT charged (I de-registered) in my personal name not previous company name. I will decare it as untaxed income on my tax return.
Does that income allow me to make a SIPP contribution of that amount (assuming greater than the 3600 gross that everybody can do without justifying income)?
Thanks, Fred
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AIUI you want to
a. put the income in the box for "Other taxable income" on your return; but b. claim it as relevant UK earnings for pension purposes.
If so the problem is I'm not at all sure it is relevant earnings unless it is profit from a trade/profession/vocation. (I assume there is no question of this really being a succession of employments.) And if it is a trade etc yielding a profit of >3,600 it begs the question why you haven't filled in the self-employment pages.
If you have passed State Pension age so NICs are not an issue then HMRC may well not care. I don't know current practice. You could ask them if noone comes along who does know.
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