Eurotunnel warrants

I have recently discovered that I own some warrants for Eurotunnel shares. These were registered in 1988 - quite a while ago! Nowhere on the certifica te does it say these are time limited. I enquired of Eurotunnel and was tol d they are no longer valid. That can't be right, can it? Why could this hap pen?
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The certificate may not have an expiry date on its face but the right they represent can - and did - expire.
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IIRC there was (as it turned out) no point in taking them up
you had to pay XX pence to buy some more shares and if you didn't take them up, they sold them to someone else and sent you a cheque for (some part of) the proceeds.
Years later, the shares turn out to be worth less than the price of the warrants (and nominally still are).
banking your cheque because some other mug bought them was the smart thing to do, and you if you didn't take up the warrants you would have got one of these cheques (which you probably forgot about)

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