Three Still Takes Payment For Cancelled Contract

Three Still Takes Payment For Cancelled Contract
Up until October 2017 I used a Huawei dongle (black with green '3') to acce
ss the Internet. This was on a monthly billing plan of £16 for 5GB. I
was never charged more than that.
Then in October I cancelled that plan with the agreed one month notice. And
I replaced the dongle for a Huawei mobile / wifi device (white). This was
at the rate of £17 for 20GB a month for one year.
However since then I have always been charged well over £17.
And checking my bank account I see that I am also STILL paying the £16
a month for using the old dongle despite cancelling that contract.
Three remain unresponsive as to what is going on.
Update Feb 2018
And despite attempts to get the dd cancelled I am STILL paying the direct d
ebit for the previous cancelled contract, PLUS the direct debit for the new
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