Reducing Tax In The Previous Tax Year

Just completing my 2016/17 tax return. Due to some sizeable sales =
bonuses I got toward the end of the tax year I find I now owe HMRC a few= K =
for the 16/17 tax year=E2=80=A6. I am employed. Are there any (obviously= legit) =
options open to me for Reducing the Tax In The Previous Tax Year by =
something I could do this year? I heard EIS=E2=80=99s (not vct?) can do = this=E2=80=A6 =
though the fees / risks might not be worthwhile? I presume pension =
contributions etc cannot be back dated?
Thanks for any thoughts M
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actually pension payments can be back dated for tax purposes
or at least that used to be possible
you may find it more work that is worthwhile though
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thanks I think pension allowances can be carried forward ... but I don't think they can be backdated (or at least anymore if they used to be able to?) ?
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