Pension entitlement and untraceable people?

Met up with a girl I used to work with years ago.
She tells me she's had probably five or six jobs in her 32 years on this planet and has paid into a pension scheme in all of them. (Don't worry, our conversation wasn't entirely that boring).
Given that she's changed addresses and names (failed marriages) a couple of times, how the hell does she ever expect to receive what she's entitled to when she hits 65/66/whatever?
Are these pension providers all sat on funds that they know will ever be claimed due to being unable to contact the recipient?
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If she wants her full entitlement, it's her responsibility to tell her pension providers where she is and what she calls herself now. They're not mindreaders.
What does she think they can do if she doesn't?
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Norman Wells
I'm not sure many 20-something females (or males for that matter, although their names don't tend to change) have on their list of priorities "must te ll my pension provider my new details".....they're more concerned with upda ting their Facebook status with who they are these days.
So I'm guessing the answer is yes, pension providers ARE sat on millions, e ven billions, of funds with no proactive intention of finding out who they belong to?
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