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Investment advise, tracker funds
I would like to invest in equities via tracker funds, some within an ISA and some outside. I would like to look into trackers that track the FTSE100, European indexes, North American and the BRICS...
2 years ago 1
Retirement options?
Posting on behalf of a (real) friend. He is 54, has 90k in savings, no mortgage, no kids and a pension from his p revious employer of around 5k a year. He reckons he could take redundancy from his...
2 years ago 12
Question about shares
I know of a small company which has recently increased its share capital ve ry slightly by creating 100 shares at 1p each to two people which have no v oting rights and only a discretionary right to...
2 years ago
BEWARE: Fake email from buiding society
I received an email today purporting to be from the Chelsea Building Society with the subject line "We're making some important changes". It is very professional and at first I thought it was genuine...
2 years ago 5
Joint Account Tax Liability
My dad has asked me to open a joint share dealing account with him, to help him buy and sell shares, using only his money. I will receive no payment or benefits from it. My question is, will I be...
2 years ago 2
Any benefits for employer taking on long term unemployed
Some years ago, there were payments made to employers who took on long term unemployed, ie more than 6 months, for taking them on and then monthly payments after too. Do these still exist? I thought...
2 years ago 1
IAG Shares (ex-BA)
As a UK born and resident national and ex-employee of the now Spanish-owned so-called British Airways I have some shares given to me many years ago. I t would be wdely known that IAG / BA refused to...
2 years ago 1
Anyone started getting ready to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that comes into force next May 2018?? Well I guess by the lack of feedback, I take that as a no then. Anyway...
3 years ago 1
IHT - Foreign Assets
I am a UK resident and taxpayer. My parents are not UK citizens, do not live in UK, and do not own any assets in UK. My question is, if I inherit their assets (all outside UK) in future, am I liable...
3 years ago 5
Private mortgage
I've moved house and haven't yet sold the previous one, which is owned outright. Over the winter my nephew has been living there and now is interested in buying it but would struggle to get a...
3 years ago 15
P800 calculation
Today I received a P800 calculation from HMRC telling me I owe them £1 ,340 underpaid tax from 2015-16. However, the calculation includes an £889 underpayment from 2014-15 wh ich I am currently...
3 years ago 6
Insurance - Large difference between renewal and new quotes
I've just got my annual renewal quotation for my house buildings and contents insurance. It's £400. I have lived in this house for nearly 40 years, and have never made any insurance claims. Although...
3 years ago 11
UK economy rebalancing thanks to lower pound
For Frederick and friends: Survey data seems to show economic balance is shifting from services to manufacturing thanks to the weak pound.
3 years ago
Checking when I opened ISAs
My financial files are a bit of a shambles. Pending much overdue housekeeping and phoning around, I'm not sure whether I've already used my ISA allowance for the current (2016-17) tax year. Presumably...
3 years ago 5
Barclaycard fraud called me yesterday
Barclaycard fraud called me yesterday (13th Jan) afternoon , wouldnt tell me really anything about the problem when queried, except to say that they had had a warning frome someone, a Bank or a...
3 years ago 9